The idea for this blog arose from a reading of Psalm 63 – an expression of love and longing for God by the fugitive poet David. David penned this sacred song while hiding from Absalom in the wilderness of Judah, and in it describes a swelling thirst and appreciation for the power and provision of God.

Despite being hungry, afraid, and isolated in unforgiving wilderness, David remembered the echoes of power resonating from God and expressed his deep and intimate relationship with God by singing new songs and speaking truth in new ways.

Often God reveals himself in the midst of wilderness – to Moses, to David, eventually to the Church – and though the wilderness is a perilous place, the truth of God’s word is clear: God is sovereign even in the wilderness, He is with us in the wilderness, He will sustain us in the wilderness, He will show us a way out of wilderness and deliver us from it, and even the wilderness itself acknowledges and professes with great praise that He is the Lord.

Through our expression of longing for God we are joined in communion with these truths and with Him, and so it is important we follow David’s mandate in Psalm 96 while remembering its promise as well: sing to the Lord a new song for He reigns.


This site’s content consists of Christian devotional material, Biblical commentary, analysis of current events, and Christian art.