I recently planned to order some gloves and a coat for a man I see each day as I travel to and from work.¬†He appears to be homeless and often sits bundled but shivering under an overpass near the entrance to the interstate leading away from Midtown Atlanta. I felt God giving me permission and an invitation to use some money to help this man and I was very excited about it, so excited I started looking on Amazon for the warmest and best items…Continue Reading “Gifts Beyond Measure Given without Ceasing”

The modern Christian rightfully covets the intimacy and gifts that overflow from the often powerful interactions with the living God that occur atop mountains; but the tops of mountains are not where we are called to remain and this is because God’s work is done amongst His people on the ground. Recently I hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail that encompassed 4 peaks totaling 3,000 feet in elevation changes over the course of 20 miles. Each time I would slowly trudge up an incline…Continue Reading “Invited Up and Called Back Down”

More than desiring our salvation, God desires relationship with us. Often, Christians cite, as cause for their devotion to God and adherence to Christianity, their own inherent imperfection and sinful condition and requisite need for¬†justification, sanctification, and salvation. Although these tenants and realities are true, mere gratitude for salvation is not enough to serve as the foundation for a functional, let alone intimate, relationship. I appreciate when people do nice things for me. I am grateful for the provision of my parents, for gifts friends…Continue Reading “More Than Merely Saved”