Not a list of don’ts, not a hard beating rain Rather a refuge warm bright and dry Not an allegiance afforded or thrust upon by geography, genealogy, or expectation But a birthright claimed, despite unimportant third-party protest regarding qualification It is an invitation to authenticity and completion; self-worth, love, and revelation Set in the context of the ever greater, permanent love that only a creator can bestow It is the story of our Father dipping an almighty hand into our affairs to place a gentle…Continue Reading “The Gospel Is”

More than desiring our salvation, God desires relationship with us. Often, Christians cite, as cause for their devotion to God and adherence to Christianity, their own inherent imperfection and sinful condition and requisite need for┬ájustification, sanctification, and salvation. Although these tenants and realities are true, mere gratitude for salvation is not enough to serve as the foundation for a functional, let alone intimate, relationship. I appreciate when people do nice things for me. I am grateful for the provision of my parents, for gifts friends…Continue Reading “More Than Merely Saved”