Oh Lord how I wish to be concerned less with the distractions of this world and called instead to focus on you and not only to things I interpret as being of you or for you for Lord I know in my weak understanding I fail to see that all is for you All good save good done for good’s sake All bad, reworked together into the eventual mesh of your way For you are making this world new and I wish Lord to be…Continue Reading “Prayer for Focus”

Tithing does not carry over into the new covenant. It is a precept included amongst the laws meant to be abolished under the new covenant, which is characterized rather by love than duty. Paul talks about his desire for us to sacrifice in light of his sacrifice for spread of the good news and certainly real-world concerns such as cost apply to the use of church resources, but nonetheless a 10% floor of giving to the church is not supported by the new testament and…Continue Reading “Out from the burden of the tithe”