Prayer for Focus

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Oh Lord how I wish to be concerned less with the distractions of this world and called instead to focus on you and not only to things I interpret as being of you or for you for Lord I know in my weak understanding I fail to see that all is for you All good save good done for good’s sake All bad, reworked together into the eventual mesh of your way For you are making this world new and I wish Lord to be made new to help you make this world new To raise my eyes from the ground and my feet and my hands To Lay it all down to follow the sound of your voice boldly into a darkness I cannot stop but to fear Lord thrust me beneath the surface of the water again and again I cannot stand how these evils hurt your name but Lord I must stop trying to defend my defender, Give me the gift of wonder and the blessing of beauty and the heart of a servant and remind me love of mine I’m alive How dare I stop to ponder on quickly fading and deteriorating pleasures or temporary curses, surface level enjoyment or pain, Lord give me a new mind that sees from far off the fulfillment of all that is promised Give me peace, Give me rest, make me into my identity, Let me descend not into fury or madness or nihilism Let me see the limitation of my efforts and the importance of my surrender

Lord give us resurgence give us urgency
Words made of truth, hands you are making worthy
Lend us eyes of innocence and ignite in us a fervency
For the things of permanence; may a death come to our own internal sense of emergency
For there can be now no fear in what you have named love
No condemnation, no terrestrial effort of impact compared to what has been done above
Commissioned for mankind, commendable in these works
There can be no appreciation for our selves only reflection of your worth
For if you ignite the ingress to the path and prod us to step
Blessings can pervade until all the earth is blessed

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