The Gospel Is

Categories salvation

Not a list of don’ts, not a hard beating rain

Rather a refuge warm bright and dry

Not an allegiance afforded or thrust upon by geography, genealogy, or expectation
But a birthright claimed, despite unimportant third-party protest regarding qualification

It is an invitation to authenticity and completion; self-worth, love, and revelation
Set in the context of the ever greater, permanent love that only a creator can bestow

It is the story of our Father dipping an almighty hand into our affairs
to place a gentle finger beneath our chins and lift our eyes to His

to speak a truth fundamental, simple, pure, and devoid of ambition, augmentation, or need of amplification:

“I love you, forever; I claim you as my own and I am here to take you home. Shame is not your name. Put down these stones, so you may take my hand.”

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